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Why and How do Wild Animals Enter Your House?

Seeing a wild animal in the house could be one of the scariest things you can experience. South Carolina’s wildlife is diverse, and you wouldn’t want any of the species on the list in your home. Aside from being territorial, some of these animals become accustomed to the comforts of your home and begin to live there if you do not act. Some hide their presence, keep damaging your home under the curtain, and ultimately cause great destruction of property, leading to major repairs. The best thing you can do is get them off your property with the help of expert critter control services in Columbia, SC.

Why is there a raccoon on my roof? Or is it a squirrel, snake or rat, or anything else?

A wild animal is either looking for water, food, or shelter. Their basic instinct brings them to your home. Most animals adapted to live in the forest stay there and only enter communities when they can’t fulfill their basic needs in the wild due to lack of resources and higher density of animals. 

Raccoons, squirrels, snakes, opossums, and rats seek refuge in homes because there is plenty of safe room in the attic, basement, rooftop, and other areas. Also, the ready-made spaces save their energy in building nests, burrows, or other habitats from scratch. If there are water leaks from the pipes, boiler, taps, and food on the floor, they try to seek out, as they can smell it from far away. 

Is there a wild animal living in my home?

Spotting an animal is one way to know it, but most of the time, they hide and don’t come to our notice. If you see signs of bad odor, strange noises, and animal droppings, it should tell you something’s there, and you must act quickly. Once animals get used to living in your space, they can breed and expand both in number and space. Raccoons can tear through weak spots in the roof to make space for younger ones. Rats and squirrels squeeze through holes, and if there are gaps, they can make them bigger to gain access to secluded places in your home. 

When it comes to the attic, seeing scratches on the walls, support beams, insulation, running marks on floors, and hearing sounds of whining, chirping, and vocal calls are strong signs of animal infestation in your attic. Some of the visual clues include piles of droppings and smudges on the walls, fascia boards. 

If you’re observing any of the above signs, you should call wild removal specialists earliest. Wild animals can bring in disease and make your home smell. A good wildlife removal service in Columbia, SC, does everything from trapping animals, repair to cleanup work. They sanitize your property after they remove the raccoon poop and other animal excrements.

What gaps should I close to stop animals from entering my home?

Animals are usually seen entering homes in Columbia, SC, through gaps in fascia boards, construction, soffits, eaves, roof vents, and plumbing. To find and seal all the gaps, you require help from a professional who can thoroughly inspect your property and perform repairs. Wild Thingz provides wildlife repair services along with removing and clearing offending animals off your property.   

Why do animals get into the attic?

If you notice strange sounds in your attic during the winter and spring, there might be animals living there. As the winter temperature drops, small mammals seek shelter, and an attic for them is a perfect place to nest, stay and give birth to the young. These critters can enter through holes and cracks in the fascia boards and walls and go into the attic. 

Quickly Get Wild Animals Out of Your Home – Animal Removal Services Columbia SC

In Columbia, South Carolina, it is common for homeowners and commercial facilities to have wildlife problems. Rats, squirrels, and raccoons are high in number in the area. These pesky creatures are hard to remove and chase away permanently by just scaring them. They are well aware of how to come back. To fix the wildlife problem, you can help from a reliable wildlife removal service in Columbia, SC. Wild Thingz offers rat, squirrel, snake, raccoon, and opossum removal services along with repair services. Contact us soon to get your wildlife problem solved today.