How Do Squirrels Damage Your Property

You’ll be amazed to know, that squirrels possess many of the rat attributes. They gnaw on things and cause a great deal of damage in and around the house.

Homeowners in Columbia, South Carolina have a hard time dealing with eastern gray squirrels when they increase in numbers and invade homes. The Much loved squirrels easily become a wildlife nuisance.

Below are various ways that squirrels may damage your property 

Squirrels May Start Short Circuits

It is quite common for squirrels to build their nests on the nodes or in the holes of tree trunks. If a tree is close to power lines, they will start to walk over and when there is an inappropriate contact, they are electrocuted and cause a short circuit. This may cause fuses to burst and result in costly repairs.  

Squirrel Litters are Notorious for Chewing Through Wire Insulation

Females Squirrels breed one or two times a year and give birth to 5 to 6 litters.  These kits living near power lines often dentate the outer covering and tear through the wires. The damage caused due to this is usually expensive to fix.

Squirrels Damage and Cause Rooftop Wiring to Droop and Collapse

Squirrels see your roof as their playground. They find it cozy as it is in height and there is fewer human or dog interruptions. They run and search for food on the roof but also go back and forth on your rooftop wires (electric, cable, and solar wires) loosening and damaging them. The result is saggy wires that can potentially break and fall on the ground.

Squirrels Create Holes in Your Walls

Squirrels like to explore and find something they like. They usually do this on the trees, in your backyard, or on the roof. When their numbers increase, some would like to get into your house, search through your mysterious attic, find nuts in the kitchen and go through other places. If they can’t find an entry, they start to chew through the walls to burrow a hole. In the process, they might unfortunately chew live wires and get shocked.  You’ll be left with a rotting squirrel carcass and expensive damage to repair- wires in the walls are hard to reach and so repairs are costly.

Squirrels Nest in The Attic

After all, squirrels are rodents. They are active in the attic and have the tendency to build their nest there. After a squirrel enters the attic it can build a nest and starts to store food. It creates an unhealthy and unhygienic environment. They can stomp on things when going in and out and cause a nuisance to people living under. Their abrupt movement and behavior to chew wires increase the chances of fire hazards.

Digging Holes

Moles are famous for digging holes in your lawn. But squirrels also dig holes searching for bark, leaves, roots, nuts, stems, flowers, and fruits. They do this to cope with the next winter, burying nuts and seeds around trees, helps them to hibernate. When the squirrel population exceeds a certain threshold,  your garden, backyard or lawn will be a mess with holes.  

Want to Get Rid of Squirrels in Columbia SC?

We have helped hundreds of homes and commercial building owners anywhere in Columbia, South Carolina to get squirrels out of their property. Our professional squirrel trappers use easy and harmless rodent control methods to evacuate squirrels. We know all the places where squirrels nest, sleep and store food, in the trees, attic, basement, near chimneys, ceilings, and others. Our squirrel removal techniques are safe for both you and the squirrels themselves. We use humane ways to trap squirrels and evacuate them to safe habitats. Get in touch with us. We’ll solve your squirrel or other rodent problem. If squirrels have damaged some areas of your home, we’ll do the repairs as well.