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Vermin Control Services In Columbia, SC

Are Mice & Rats Running Wild In Your Home? We Can Help!


Vermin infiltrate homes through small cracks and gaps in the foundation, walls, and flooring. They were first identified as rodents that wreaked havoc on farm crops. But they frequently invade homes today in quest of food and shelter to litter.

If you are experiencing problems from Vermin – rats, mice, rodents, you know how much of a nuisance they are. They need to be dealt with early, or you’ll have a rampant infestation and severe property damage costing hefty big on repairs.

Our vermin control professionals are best known in Columbia, SC, for ending the Vermin problems in and around homes and business buildings.


Track Rat Hideouts

We start with performing a thorough inspection of your business facility or home. We search the dark and damp places of your house to track hiding rats, rodents, mice, and other Vermin. We look for holes and openings from where rodents might be entering. This involves inspecting garage spaces, pipe openings, walls, ceilings, and other places. Our vermin control experts are well aware of how to deal with rodents that might be harboring at your place. They have done rodent removal and control at hundreds of homes in Columbia, SC.

Place Rat Traps

Our rat-catchers and rodent exterminators place traps at places where rats, mice, and other Vermin frequent. Before we bring in rat controllers to prevent the entry of new rats into the house, this step is a must. Our goal here is to get rid of all rodents, big and little. Our tactics of rat pest control do not involve the use of harsh rat poison and chemicals. If you have pets at home, we can help you evacuate them to safe places.  Our rodent exterminators are trained to carry out this process humanely and cleanly at your residence or facility.  They know about rodent behavior and habits which they use to their advantage while catching them.

Clean Up

We look for mice droppings, dead mice/rodents, and their footprints and inspect your kitchen for food and water contamination. These rat remains can cause pest infestation if not cleaned. Our rodent controllers clean up with the best pest control solution to keep diseases at bay. Depending on the type of vermin infesting your home, black rats, Norway rats, or roof rats we can identify droppings, safely collect and dispose of them. 

Seal Entry Points

We look around your foundation, walls, windows, ventilation, and roof to detect the places where vermin might be coming in. Based on the size of holes and access points, we use different methods to seal entry points. Our vermin control experts will give you a quote on all the sealing to be done beforehand. So you have a estimate of the cost of rat and rodent removal from your facility. 

Rodent Air Duct or Vent Repair 

Rat infestation in air ducts and dryer vents causes problems among many Columbia SC homes. We can remove live and dead mice that have found shelter in your dryer and AC vents. Our rodent control experts can also fix the damages and prevent the entry of rodents into them. 

Residential and Industrial Vermin Control Services

Wild Thingz Pest Control Services are the best choice for removing any type of vermin that might be infesting your home, storage facility, warehouse, or business building in Columbia, SC. If Vermin and rodents are causing a nuisance at your facility, call our pest control company at (803) 738-8003. We’ll send our pest control specialists to your place immediately.

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