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Racoon Removal Lexington, SC

Racoons may look cute, but they can be pretty devious too!

Racoons Can be pretty pesky if not handled correctly

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in trapping and removing raccoons from various residential and commercial locations. We understand the challenges of coexisting with wild animals in close proximity to homes, and we guarantee to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal offers fast, reliable services with a commitment to safety first – keeping your home or business free of unwanted wildlife; let us remove your nuisance raccoons today!

Why Do Racoons Love Garbage So much? Its pretty simple actually

You may be wondering why raccoons love rummaging through our garbage so much. The answer is simple; it’s a source of animal nourishment and an accessible buffet from which to choose. Wild Thingz provides solutions to keep these little scavengers away by helping you secure your trash in raccoon-proof containers and setting up deterrents like motion-activated lights, sound devices, and physical barriers. Wild Thingz has more than 20 years of experience successfully rescuing property owners from bothersome raccoon invasions, so look no further – we are here to help!

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