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How to Permanently Get Rid of Rats From Your Home?

It is impossible to live with rats in your home. They will grate on things and make your life at home unbearable. One rat in the house can quickly multiply into a swarm, invading various areas of your home and start biting and damaging items. When you discover a mouse, vermilion, rodent, or rat in your home, you must know that there could be many more in hiding. Act quickly to remove all of them. Or else they will make your home uninhabitable by consuming your food, infiltrating your kitchen, and increasing the risk of disease transmission. If you are looking for ways to get rid of rats permanently, we have the best info here. Read on.

Columbia SC Rat Exterminator

Perform a Full Home Inspection

To know from where rats are coming into your house, you need to look for potential access or entry points. Pay attention and note down areas in and around your home that have cracks, holes, and crevices. Examine the foundation, roof, vents, attic, chimney, drains, door frames, roof soffits, breaker boxes, service lines, and windows. Spaces in the foundation are a common and obvious sign for rats going in and out of your home; once you have a series of potential areas where rats might be moving in and out you, can set traps and seal them.

Seal Up – Spaces and Entry Points

Rats vary in size profile. Younger and smaller rats don’t need large spaces to get into your house. They can squeeze through holes small as 0.96 inches. To prevent their entry, you have to seal all the holes and gaps that might be offering entry to move in and out. Depending on the size and type of hole you are going to seal, you can use from a number of sealing methods. Some of the effective sealing methods include

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is best to seal holes and cracks in the walls. It also forms an envelope and prevents moisture infiltration into your home. Sealing areas where rats might be hiding is an excellent way to minimize rat damage and have temporary protection. At some point, you’ll need to hire rodent control company to remove the rats permanently and get your house in order.


Caulking fills the gaps with bricks and gypsum to thoroughly seal the areas from where mice might be entering your home. For permanent sealing, rodent repair experts use silicone-based caulking, which is durable and forms a barrier against moisture. To perform caulking, you’ll need a caulk gun and the right materials. If you do not have experience in sealing gaps by this method, rodent repair and control experts can assist you.


The oldest method of laying bricks and cement to cover large gaps still works well to control rats. It is helpful to keep away large rodents from entering your home and wreaking havoc. Call a mouse removal service if you are not skilled in masonry. They can detect large gaps and fill them with cement at a low cost.

Install Wire Mesh

Steel-based mesh is quite handy to control rats and other critters. It forms a breathable barrier on the windows, ventilation spaces and prevents rats from entering during nighttime into your home. Also, you could install wire mesh on gutters, floor drains, soffit screens, chimneys, fan guards, and exposed pipes. Using steel mesh makes sense when you don’t want to make structural changes to your home to avoid higher repair expenses and simply install a temporary fix to keep rats away.

Galvanized Metal

Rats can chew through wood, plastic, wires, lead, leather, clothes, concrete, asbestos, books, and even aluminum. So instead, use galvanized sheet metal to block wide spaces. Galvanized sheet metal comes with a protective zinc coating, and rats can’t chew through them. You’ll need advanced tools, rivet gun, hemming took, bending tool, and shears to properly put in place on the spaces. 

Get Rid of Unwanted Things in Your Home

Rats like to stay in the dark and hide from your sight. One of the best things you can do is remove the clutter by eliminating things you don’t need in your home. Move the objects away from the malls and keep them such that they receive sunlight during the day.

Keep Your House Clean

Do not let the trash sit for a long time, and keep the trash bins closed at all times. Also, keep the drains free-flowing and absent of odor. Ensure to clean the floors regularly and don’t leave food spill over to stay overnight.

Trap As Many Rats As You Can

Trapping is a great way to get your rat problem in control when the population is low. Setting traps is one of the best ways to get rid of rats fast. You can either use snap traps, live animal traps, glue traps, or electronic traps.

Snap traps are the oldest and still the most preferred by homeowners as they work fast and you don’t have to kill rats after catching them- they will do it for you. Snap trap consists of a thick metal wire attached to a piece of small wood. Once you set a bait you leave it to stay overnight. When the rat get in to take the bait, the metal portion of the trap slams shut on its neck and kills it immediately. These traps are available for cheap prices but need to be operated with caution as they could hurt fingers.

Glue traps are flat boards with sticky glue over them. When a rat walks over it, it gets stuck on the board and becomes immobile. This way of trapping rats is controversial as rats starve and dehydrate over the board for hours before someone kills them. Also, glue traps can collect dirt, dust, and insects easily and become ineffective.

Live animal traps do not kill or physically harm rats. Using these is the most humane way to deal with rats. These traps have a small cage where trapped rats stay until you release them far away so that they won’t return. Once a rat comes inside the cage seeking the bait, a plate shuts the cage from the back.

Using electronic traps is another humane way to get rid of rats. It uses high voltage shock to kill rats instantly. As a rat approaches the bait and stands on the metal plate, the trap delivers 7000 volts of electricity. These traps use C batteries found in children’s toys.

How Can a Professional Rat Removal Service Help?

A professional service can help you solve your rat problems quickly and efficiently by using humane methods like exclusion and baiting techniques. They will track and destroy the source of the infestation, ensuring that your home does not become a breeding ground for more rats in the future.

Contact Wild Thingz for more information. We use humane ways to deter and get rid of rats from your property. We can also do the rodent duct repairs or apply other fixes to restore rat-inflicted damages