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Expert Rodent Duct Repair

Depending on the area, some homes have crawlspaces that are typically no more than three feet above ground. These crawlspaces make it easier for the homeowner to hide ducts, plumbing, and wires beneath the house. But the same crawlspaces are also a perfect place for rodents and wild animals to easily setup their home safe from the outside elements. The amount of damage created by the wild animals in your crawlspace can vary greatly depending upon how long they have been there, in addition to what sources are available as their entrance  into your home.

Wildlife Removal Columbia SC Case Study: Rodent Duct Repair

This homeowner had an unshielded dryer vent allowing a highway for the rodents, straight to the crawlspace. Once at the end of the dryer vent, all the wild life had to do was chew and rip through the vent, then setup home. In this particular case, rodent proof ductwork offered by Wild Thingz involved replacing the dryer vent with our proprietary steel vent and wildlife proof cage and installed a new dryer duct.

Problems of rodents in air duct or crawlspaces of homes can go largely unnoticed if you’re not looking for them. Something as simple as not having a wildlife proof cage inside your dryer vent or any other opening outside the crawlspace is enough for rodents to access your home and cause problems.

If you are hearing animal-like noises within your attic, basement or crawlspace, it’s time to call for rodent control Columbia SC services for trapping and removing rats from the attic. Contact Wild Thingz LLC for an thorough inspection and rodent removal before your home incurs additional damage by the wild animals that have moved in.

If you are having problems with rodents or other pests, give us a call at [phone] before any real damage is done to your home.