Warning Signs That Tell You If A Snake Is About To Strike

It’s normal for most of us to feel terrified when we see a snake, and some of us may even become frozen with dread. If you are aware of snake striking signs, you can better react when you encounter one. 

Snakes aren’t something you think about very frequently, but they may be an issue, especially in South Carolina. If they are disturbed, they may attack you. 

If you see one of these signs – watch out!

A snake that’s rapidly flicking its tongue

Usually, snakes flick their tongues slowly to sense the air and know what’s happening in the surroundings. But when they are uneasy and unsure about what’s around them, they start to flick their tongue rapidly. The snake with such behavior could strike you if you are within 5 to 10 meters from it. 

A snake with its mouth wide open and hissing.

Depending on the type of snake it can open its mouth wide open, and let out an angry hissing sound. Some of them shake their heads from side to side before launching themselves. This is a sign to show off that they are ready for battle.

A snake with a vibrating tail 

Snakes vibrate their tail as a part of their defense mechanism against threats. When a snake’s tail is vibrating the reason might be it is scared, threatened, or stressed. If you spot this sign, you should go away and distance yourself from it.

A snake that’s coiled in an “S” shape and head raised up 

A snake in the shape of an “S” with its head elevated is prepared to attack. It assumes this position for being ready to lunge forward in response to the threat.

Do not panic! 

It’s wiser to contact a wildlife removal company when you spot a snake. The most important thing about snakes in your home or yard is that they will not bite unless provoked. If the snake appears aggressive – such as hissing at you, Then it’s time to move away! They may be more agitated because they feel threatened by something nearby, like someone walking too close, so back away slowly from the area where the snake was spotted and give them some space. Maybe have one person stand guard if necessary until help arrives with live traps or other equipment for safely capturing this critter without being bitten. We’ve been catching dangerous snakes in South Carolina for years now! Don’t wait until an emergency happens – Call our Snake trappers Today.